API 17 J Unbonded Flexible Pipe Manufacturer

A flexible pipe is made of several layers of metallic and polymeric material. This modular construction meant the layers are independent but permits dynamic interaction, widely used in MOPU+WHP oil and gas applications.

Flexibility is the distinctive property of a flexible pipe which enables it to be spooled on a reel for efficient transportation and installation. A flexible fitted with carcass is termed of rough bore flexible while
flexible without a carcass is termed as a smooth bore flexible.

The five layers shown in above figures are generally termed as follows:

API 17 J Unbonded Flexible Pipe Manufacturer
API 17 J Flexible pipe
  1. Interlocked stainless steel carcass (Metallic) – normally alloy AISI 316L
  2. Internal pressure sheath (Polymer)
  3. Pressure armour (Metallic)
  4. Tensile armours (Metallic)
  5. Outer sheath (Polymer)

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