HOHN Group Dredging floating pipelines

Dredging Pipelines fall into three main categories: floating pipelines, submerged or “sinker” lines and land or “shore” lines.

In this article we are introducing floating pipelines mainly, HOHN Group has two series of floating pipelines products:

  1. Self-Floating Hoses
  2. HDPE Dredge Pipe/Steel Pipe, Dredge Suction or Discharge Hose, Floaters or Pipe Floats made a floating pipelines

HOHN Group Floating pipelines are either formed of Dredge pipes supported at regular intervals by buoyancy units or surrounded by a buoyant case(HOHN call it Dredging pipelines), or they are composed of pipes made of a buoyant material.(HOHN call it Floating pipelines)
In all these cases the pipeline must be built to be flexible enough to endure the movement of the sea and currents. The pipe itself may be made flexible by inserting ball joints in the line at regular intervals or by adding lengths of flexible pressure hose. All floating pipelines are made in a modular fashion and are connected together by bolts or quick coupling devices.

HOHN Group Dredging floating pipelines
This is Floating Pipelines via Floating hoses
HOHN Group Dredging floating pipelines
This is Dredging Piplines of dredge pipe, pipe floats and discharge flexible hoses

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