HOHN Group produced Floats/Floater for dredging
HOHN Group produced Floats/Floater for dredging

【HOHN GROUP Floats Introduction】

The polyethylene floater produced by HOHN GROUP is made of imported linear low-density polyethylene/LDPE raw materials. It is formed by rotomolding technology at one time. It has no welds and is strong and durable. The most important thing is that imported PE materials are non-toxic and tasteless, and will not pollute the aquaculture water. This is a very environmentally friendly rotomolding product.

【HOHN GROUP Floats Features】

  1. The polyethylene pontoons produced by HOHN GROUP are all reinforced materials with anti-corrosion, anti-freeze, anti-oxidation and anti-purple thread, and are not corroded by sea water, chemicals, chemicals, oil stains and aquatic organisms;
  2. Strong carrying capacity, stable and durable cylinder;
  3. The service life of this product is more than 15 years. Except for strong natural force and artificial improper use, there is no need to spend any maintenance or repair fees;
  4. The assembly is simple, fast and flexible. The round and semi-circular structure can be equipped with various pipe laying;
  5. The cost is reasonable and economical. From a long-term point of view, it can save a huge amount of maintenance, replacement and overhaul costs and time;

【HOHN GROUP Floats Usage】

It is used in dredging engineering, sand pumping engineering, port expansion, channel warning and aquaculture industry.

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