OCIMF Mainline Floating Hoses for marine storage.

HOHN GROUP OCIMF Mainline Full Floating Hoses max ID size:24 inch

Brief introduction of HOHN floating hoses: 1connecting buoy and reducer hose 2. rated working pressure: 21 bar 3. minimum reserve buoyance: 20% or according to customer requirements 4. electrical continuity: electrical continuous or discontinuous.

Single Carcass
HOHN single carcass hose is capable to withstand the demands of the world’s most exposed offshore installations. This hose consists of the tube, spiral reinforcement and cover layers.

Double Carcass
HOHN double carcass hose is an anti-pollution hose. When the primary carcass leaks, the secondary carcass remains intact and takes over.

Marine offshore hoses service life in storage is affected by temperature, humidity, ozone, sunlight, oils, solvents corrosive liquids and vapours, insects and rodents.

So floating hoses should be stored on steel framed pallets in accordance with OCIMF guidelines and stored in a dark, if possible dry area. Where closed storage is not possible, hoses should be covered to protect them from sunlight.

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OCIMF Mainline Floating Hoses for marine storage.

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