SURF solutions Subsea Umbilicals,Risers and Flowlines Manufacturer from China
SURF solutions Subsea Umbilicals,Risers and Flowlines Manufacturer from China

SURF:Subsea Umbilicals, Risers, and Flowlines are the main components of a submarine communication system. These components make up all of the communications equipment that is used to keep a submarine in a constant state of communication with the surface, and it makes it possible for the submarine to communicate through the atmosphere at greater distances than conventional communications methods. These are much more reliable than cable systems, as they can operate in a wide range of conditions, and they provide greater versatility and reliability for both the submarine and its crew.

Subsea Flowlines compliance with: API-17J

Life guarantee: 15 years

Our products are widely used in the transportation of oil, gas and water onshore and offshore.

HOHN Flexibles supply dynamic and static risers, static flowlines, subsea jumpers, topside jumpers and expansion joints. Flexible pipes are used for versatile offshore oil and gas applications including production, gas lift, gas injection, water injection and various ancillary lines including potable water and liquid chemical lines.

HOHN Flexibles perform total riser and flowline system design, engineering, procurement, manufacture, testing, documentation and delivery.

The HOHN flexible pipe is an unbonded structure consisting of helically wound metallic armour wires or tapes combined with concentric layers of polymers, textiles, fabric strips and lubricants.

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