What is Dredging?—by HOHN GROUP

What is Dredging?—by HOHN GROUP

Time:2020-11-2 Author:csz040

Dredging is the excavation of material from the bottom of waterways to deepen or clean them or from the ocean to use for beach restoration or reclamation.

Dredging deepens ports and access channels to accommodate global waterborne freight transport of goods.
Dredging also excavates or ‘mines’ sand from far offshore and then transports these materials to onshore locations where they are used to replenish eroded beaches and rebuild coastlines for protection of low-lying areas.
Modern dredging vessels and technologies can collect and transport large quantities of sand to improve and expand existing ports, and to build land reclamations, which form platforms for offshore airports, residential and commercial areas.

One of the most popular dredging technoligies is via Cutter Suction Dredger, together with HONN Group Dredging Pipelines, it could makes your dredging work easier and more efficient.

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