Dredging opens up a world of opportunities

Dredging opens up a world of opportunities

Time:2020-11-3 Author:csz040

Dredging is about shaping the world and creating opportunities. Whether it involves deepening and widening inland waterways, expanding ports, reclaiming land for residential areas or to protect existing neighbourhoods against the rising sea levels, dredging is about shaping the environment to make the most of it. The following examples of some of the world’s largest and most prestigious dredging projects provide an insight into the opportunities dredging can help create.

  1. Palm Islands, Dubai which offers an unparalleled example of land reclamation possibilities.
  2. New Suez Canal, Egypt the canal is now an even faster route and able to welcome even more vessels after dredging work finish since 2015.
  3. Maasvlakte 2, The Netherlands If there’s no space to expand on land, why not create land in the sea via dredging?

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