18 inch,20inch Cutter Suction Dredger CSD Dredge HDPE pipes manufacturer

HDPE pipe has been more and more preferred & used by our customers for worldwide dredging works. Our HDPE dredge pipes are assembled with flanges at the both ends. By using steel bolts/nuts to fix the the whole HDPE dredge pipe, it can be easily assembled or disassembled.

HOHN Group HDPE dredge pipes has been a ideal replacement of steel pipe for dredging works, due to superior performance & characteristic that it has:

1 Corrosion resistance: high resistance to attach from various types of chemicals, no electrochemical corrosion, so HDPE dredge pipes can be used for sea water without worry about corrosion problems.

2 High toughness: fracture extension rate of HDPE dredging pipe, commonly more than 500%. As to the uneven settlement of the base, its adaptive ability is very strong, good aseismic performance.

3 Light weight: by comparing steel pipe, the HDPE dredge pipe is only 1/5 of steel pipe on the weight, less pipe floats is needed

4 Easy to assemble or dis-mountable: The HDPE dredge pipe welded with flanges can be assembled or disconnected very easily.

5 Excellent flexible and resistance to scratches ability: HDPE dredging pipe is more flexible than steel pipe, so less rubber hoses is required.

6 Good wear resistance, low wall friction coefficient, small flow resistance, excellent conveying ability: HDPE dredge pipes has a good toughness, smooth wall allows the pipeline has good wear resistance & high flow rate.

7 Low system cost, less maintenance costs, can dramatically reduce the cost for the project: HDPE dredge pipe is much lower price than steel pipe, at the same time more durable use when it is used for sea water.

8 Long life span: HDPE dredge pipe can serve longer lifetime in sea water.

9 Recyclable and environment-friendly: HDPE material can be reused, complete with the concept of efficient environmental protection.

We never promise you order our dredge HDPE pipes with cheapest price, but we promise the best quality from us at our price. welcome to visit and check our dredging HDPE pipelines.

18 inch,20inch Cutter Suction Dredger CSD Dredge HDPE pipes manufacturer
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