Dredging HDPE pipe/UHMWPE pipelines with floats

Advantages of HOHN dredging pipeline:

1 High wear resistance, by 100% virgin SABIC raw engineering plastics materials,its wear resistance ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe produced by HOHN is 7 times higher than that of Q235 steel, and the transmission efficiency is higher than 2.7 and 20% times higher.

2 Convenient installation to save your time. HOHN dredging pipelines with light weight, convenient transportation and installation, large mechanical construction not essential.

3 High wave impact resistance. HOHN dredging pipelines performs well against the impact of the first wave of shock, whether it is a strong shock or internal pressure fluctuations are difficult to crack. Its impact strength is 66 times of nylon 10, U-PVC 20 times, PTFE 8 times, 5 times of PE. In low temperature environment, the impact resistance is more excellent, has a strong flexibility.

4 High tensile strength. HOHN dredging pipelines can withstand wind and waves in the water.

5 Water resistance coefficient is low, the friction resistance is small, the transmission efficiency is high. The inner wall of the super high molecular weight polyethylene pipe is smooth, and the roughness coefficient is 0.00016-0.00022, which is 100 times smaller than that of the steel pipe roughness coefficient (0.015-0.02).

  1. Corrosion resistance is good: high chemical stability, within a certain temperature and the concentration range can resist all kinds of corrosion medium (acid, alkali, salt and seawater) and organic solvent erosion.

7 non-toxic tasteless, environmental protection products. HOHN dredging pipelines can not be marine or sewage to a shellfish, mushrooms and other microbial decay, does not produce scale and microbial breeding.

8 low temperature resistant performance is very strong.

9 good resistance to aging. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe has stable performance and good aging performance. Can be used in water or both on the ground.

10 long-term comprehensive benefit is good, low cost

The comprehensive benefit is the long term benefits from the construction investment, installation cost, operation maintenance cost, service life, energy saving and so on. The high molecular weight polyethylene pipe has good benefit, especially the larger the diameter, the lower the cost. As China professional dredging pipelines manufacturer, we welcome you to visit us for business cooperation.

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Dredging HDPE pipe/UHMWPE pipelines with floats

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